Grill demonstration 2015

Costs: upon consultation
Requested changes can be considered and will be recalculated by the according standards.
To realize your change requests we ask you to talk to Mr. Winter one week before the promotion event.
Standard grill menue of the presentation:

  1. Tomatoe squares (Kugelgrillbuch S. 71)
  2. filled chicken brest (Kugelgrillbuch S. 86)
  3. Pork roast with crackling (Kugelgrillbuch S. 116)
  4. Classic Ribs (Kugelgrillbuch S. 166)
  5. Quesadillas (Kugelgrillbuch S. 183)

To be provided by the market: disposable dishes, cutlery, napkins and a working table.
To be provided by the Promoter: gas, briquettes, grills, various grill cutlery, kitchen roll, dishtowels, grillables etc.

Michael Winter
Mobil: +43(0)650 64 20 748

Grillworkshops powered by Landmann

BBQ coordinator:
Michael Winter

Number of participants: at least 12 / max. of 32, which have to be organized and be confirmed by the market (at the least one week before the event). The participation fee has to be collected by the market and will be cleared in cash on the day of the event.

Location: market (preferably open-air site with seperated area) Duration: about 4-5 hours

To be provided by the market: tables, benches, counted place settings, drinks, two employees for the support of the participants, fire extinguisher and a couple of filled water buckets should be in reachable witdh (fire preventation)

To be provided by Landmann: grills, supplies, cooking utensils, grillables and at least two grill coaches (Michael Winter, Walter Schleichl, Johann Strauß, Heinz Halmenschlager)

The participants are asked to participate actively.

There will be formed 4 or 8 groups. Every group processes one of the menue-course on the landmann grill for the other participants.

Following the prepared menue-courses will be consumed together.

Standard Workshops 2015:
    I BBQ-Basics (4 courses, based on the recipies of the "Kugelgrillbuch")
    Roast with crackling and potatoes
    Chicken on a can with vegetable potpourri
    Filled pork filet with pita-bread
    Brioche-tartlet garnished with berries of the season

    II BBQ-Mediterran vom Landmann-Grill (5 courses)
    Fish (depending on availability)
    Pizza Calzone
    Souvlaki of chicken or pork, greek potatoes, grilled courgettes
    Lamm shanks in mediterran tomatoe sauce
    small fruit cake of the BBQ-grill

    III Superior-Club BBQ (5 courses, based on the recipies of the "Kugelgrillbuch")
    Black tiger prawns on leek, ciabatta refined with herb butter
    Duck breast
    Lamb cornet
    Dreambeef or good old brisket, grilled potatoes on sour cream
    Small chochlate cake "Walter"

    IV Vegetarian course and course for kids on demand

    Willingly we’ll submit you an individual offer for our different varieties.
    *BBQ – fixed rate includes: Delivery and removal of the grills, grillables, coal and briquettes. Also included are lighters, dripping pans, aprons and various give-aways.
    Exclusive the portion costs of the participants.

    Looking forward to successfull grill-workshops, the „Auftragsgriller“-Team
    Michael Winter
    Walter Schleichl
    Johann Strauß
    Heinz Halmenschlager



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